Georg Dehio Prize

Die Georg Dehio-Kulturpreisträger 2019 heißen Dr. Maciej Łagiewski (2. v. r.) und Ingeborg Acker (2. v. l.) und das Kinder- und Jugendensemble »Canzonetta«. Staatsministerin  Prof. Monika Grütters (Mitte) überreichte die Preise. Ganz links Winfried Smaczny, Vorstandsvorsitzender, und ganz rechts Harald Roth, Direktor, als Vertreter des Deutschen Kulturforums östliches Europa. Foto: © Deutsches Kulturforum östliches Europa • Fotografin: Anke Illing

Every autumn since 2003 the Culture Forum has awarded in alternating years the Georg Dehio Culture Prize and the Georg Dehio Book Prize.  With the Georg Dehio prize the Culture Forum honours individuals, initiatives and institutions whose works deal with the traditions and the interrelations of German culture and history in Eastern Europe in a knowledgeable and distinctive way. The prize is in memory of the prominent art historian Georg Dehio (1850-1932) who was born in Reval (Tallinn in Estonia).


Writers wanted!  Every year the Culture Forum fills the post of writer-in-residence in cooperation with a town in Eastern Europe. The writer occupies the post for five months and receives a monthly scholarship grant and free accommodation. Their task is to give literary expression in an online diary (blog) to the historical cultural heritage of the town and its region, to report on exciting encounters and experiences, to point out things worth seeing and to establish contacts.